Photo by Elisabeth Farnsworth

Veronica Jacobo, back row left, Dean Joyner, Bill Adams, A.P. Coleman, Johnny Hackney, Dell Joyner, Duran Broadhurst, Dan Blackmon, Charles W. Pittman, III, Pamela Small, Carol Alexander, front row left, Kathie Davis, Ginny Eagles, Carolyn Harmon, Penny Womble, Earline Copeland, Susan Webb. Not pictured: Emily Carinci, Barnes Boykin, Lara Howe,
Tad Piner.

Message from
Board President Duran Broadhurst

Let me begin by telling you how honored I am to have the privilege to serve as the president of YOUR Arts Council for the upcoming year! Wilson is a wonderful community to live, work, and raise your children in and the Arts Council makes a huge contribution to making life in Wilson better for all. We have just concluded a very successful year and this year promises to continue our fine tradition. We have a lot of exciting events scheduled for you and I look forward to enjoying them with you and your families! I do have a favor to ask of each of you. We many times assume that everyone in our community participates and enjoys the many events that we provide. My "ask" of you is to reach out and invite someone that you know to become a part of the Arts Council family that may not currently enjoy the many treasures that we provide. I assure you their lives will be enriched! I thank you for all that you do for the Arts Council and our fine community and look forward to a wonderful year as YOUR president! Please do not hesitate contacting me for any reason in an effort to make us an even better organization. Remember, the reason that we exist is to make life better for all of you. Again, thank you for allowing me to be part of YOUR Arts Council family!

We Remember our Friends,
Marvin Coghill and Dale C. Bone

Former Arts Council Contributors Dale Bone and Marvin Coghill enjoy September Song on September 23, 2011 with their wives Genia Bone, left and Ann Coghill.

The staff of the Arts Council of Wilson would like to express our gratitude to Dale C. Bone who served the Arts Council as a dedicated member of our Board of Directors and Marvin Coghill whose friendship and support and to their beloved spouses, Genia and Ann, who faithfully attend and promote our events and programs. Their philanthropic endeavors will continue to improve the lives of the citizens of Wilson and Wilson County for many years to come.


Executive Committee

President - Dan Blackmon
Vice-President - Barnes Boykin
Secretary - Kathie Davis
Treasurer - Charles Pittman
Past President - Duran Broadhurst
At-Large Member - Carol Alexander
At-Large Member - Jay Gallimore

One Year Term (Class of 2015)

Bill Adams
Carol Alexander
Emily Carinci
Ginny Eagles
Dean Joyner
Susan Webb

Two Year Term (Class of 2016)

Barnes Boykin
Earline Copeland
Kathie Davis
Johnny Hackney
Veronica Jacobo
Charles Pittman

Three Year Term (Class of 2017)

Linda H. Barnes
James Fitzgerald
Jay Gallimore
Jeff Joyner
Megan Lively
Penny Womble

City Representative

Tom Fyle

County Representative

Tad Piner

Copyright of the Arts Council of Wilson

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Board of

Arts Council

Elevator Speeches
Board members share why they support the Arts Council

Bill Adams
As a returning Board member, I gladly accepted because I do believe so passionately that the Arts Council is one of the most important economic boosters in Wilson. Being a realtor, the Arts Council is on my tour route when showing prospective buyers who are new to Wilson. I am proud of Wilson and the Arts Council.

Charles Pittman
After many years of working with the city, I recognize that the Arts contribute so much to the quality of life in a community. As a new member to the Arts Council Board I look forward to helping the Arts Council to be very effective in our community. People do make decisions of where to live and work by what a community is and the arts are a major part of that decision.

Earline Copeland
Art has been an inspiring part of my entire life. As a member of the Wilson Arts Council, I will continue to explore and enjoy sharing art with others.

Johnny Hackney
I'm serving on the Arts Council board (again!) because the ACW is a great facilitator of and for the art community in our area. Visual arts, performing arts, musical performance, children's theater, dance – it's all here! The Arts Council has a forty-plus year history of promoting Arts in the Wilson community.

Kathie Davis
The Arts Council of Wilson brings joy through art to everyone in our community.  Art touches the soul and makes the heart smile.  I am delighted to be back on the Board.

Penny Womble
The Arts Council is so important to Wilson, especially the children in Wilson. We have many recreational activities and different sports, but all children are not interested or able to play sports. So, many children learn self-confidence and learn that they can be successful in the arts. The Arts Council is a place to come and enjoy the arts.

Veronica Jacobo
As a new member of this wonderful Arts Council, I am excited to have been given this opportunity because one of my biggest goals and interest is to help this great Wilson community. Being passionate about art brings people and cultures together in a good positive attitude. I am honored to be helping out you all for this coming three years.

Barnes Boykin
To help promote culture activities in Wilson County, I personally do it because cultural advancement is good for the community.

Emily Carinici
I have always enjoyed the Arts Council of Wilson and have very fond memories of the Arts Council events I participated in as a child. I think it is so important to our community and to our youth to provide them with a place to enjoy the arts. I am happy to be a part of this organization and look Forward to working with my fellow board members, to continue to make the Arts Council of Wilson great.