Wilson Arts Board of Directors for 2023-2024

Left to right: Elizabeth Liles-Radford, Josie Mauzé, Leigh Ann Bryant, Carrie Nobles, Beth Peters, Lori Winstead, Tonya Sorenson, Blair Myers,

Lynne White, J. Michael Moore, Wendy Winslow, Janet Connor-Knox, Anne Joyner.

Not pictured: Eric Via, Amelia Rivera, Maureen O’Neill, Savannah Story, Lori Hines Jones, Alan Winstead, Monica Davis

Welcome to our 2023/24 Board of Directors!

Executive Committee

President - Tonya Sorenson
Vice-President - J. Michael Moore
Secretary -  Janet Connor-Knox
Treasurer - Blair Myers
Past President - Anne Joyner

Representatives on the Board

City Representative - Thomas Fyle
County Representative - Lori Winstead

Class of 2024

Lori Theresa Hines Jones
Janet Connor Knox
Lynne White
Alan Winstead

Class of 2025

Monica Davis
Anne Joyner
Blair Southerland Myers
Carrie Nobles
Maureen O'Neill
Beth Peters
Tonya Sorenson
Savannah Story

Class of 2026

Leigh Ann Bryant
Elizabeth Liles-Radford
Josie Mauzè
J. Michael Moore
Amelia Rivera
Eric Via
Wendy Winslow

Elevator Speeches

Past and Present Members of the Board of Directors share why they love Wilson Arts.

Vonda Darr

The Arts Council of Wilson has been a lifeline for my family. When we moved to Wilson in 2008, we were immediately impressed with the depth and breadth of offerings through the Arts Council. My girls signed up for summer camps within days of moving here, and jumped right into the Act for Youth and visual art programs. Act for Youth helped transform our youngest from a little girl that would crawl under her chair when called upon to audition, to a confident performer that won the Best Actress Award in 2016. Both of our girls have lasting friendships and memories from this program, and have learned life skills such as teamwork, preparation skills, confidence, anxiety management, adaptability, how to deal with disappointment, and how to celebrate others' successes. This Arts Council is not only impressive for a city this size, it is impressive for a city of any size.


Tom Fyle

The Arts Council is a great asset to our community. It provides a cultural and artistic view of the people and the place we live. The Wilson Arts Council is diverse and serves as a way to bring people together from the many cultural aspects of our city and county. I am happy to be a part of such an outstanding organization. I would also encourage our citizens to participate in the many programs the Arts Council offers.

Jim Fitzgerald

I was born and raised in Wilson. I was first exposed to the arts in the 9th grade when Bob Johnson asked me to audition for a role a Shoestring Theatre production. I was hooked. During the four years I spent at the University of North Carolina, I became a theatre rat. As my lack of talent on-stage became more obvious, I developed an interest and increasing talent in theatre lighting. I completed a year-long internship with the Master Electrician at PlayMaker's Rep and was soon running lights for every show produced. I spent the rest of my time at UNC running, designing and managing all aspects of the lighting for PlayMaker's at both the original PlayMaker's Theatre and the new Paul Green theatre. During the past few years, I have volunteered for several Art's Council and Act for Youth productions and soon became more and more involved with the lighting at the Boykin Center. I was thrilled with the newly upgraded light board and was honored to be asked to serve on the Boykin Center Dream Team. Now, I'm looking forward to continuing my support for the Arts in Wilson by serving on the Board of Directors for the next three years.

Linda Hanson

My husband and I joined the Arts Council of Wilson when we first moved here over 20 years
ago and we have been supporters ever since. We have enjoyed countless visits to the galleries to admire and occasionally purchase artwork. We have been entertained by theater shows, comedians and musicians at the Boykin Center. Our children have actively participated in summer art camps, theater camps and Act! For Youth theater productions. I love to browse for unique gifts of jewelry, artwork and handmade treasures, all beautifully crafted by local artists and sold at the Gallery Shop of the Arts Council. These are just a few examples of the many ways my family has benefited from the presence of a vibrant and active Arts Council here in Wilson. I truly believe that our Arts Council has something to offer every single person in our community, and that we are fortunate to have an institution of this caliber promoting the arts in Wilson. I am thrilled to be a supporter!


Linda Barnes

I have had a love of the arts since childhood. Even though my parents encouraged me to select a major in college that would provide guaranteed financial security, that love of the arts never wavered. During my working years I was a patron of the arts. At every opportunity I enjoyed theater, music, dance and visual art performances and/or events. After the Boykin Center became a part of the Wilson culture and climate, I was a regular patron. Having now retired, I have the opportunity to immerse myself in the things that I love and enjoy. And, I hope to participate in those things more fully as both a patron and facilitator. As a participant in a few other civic organizations, I look forward to using my position on the board of the Arts Council to initiate a relationship between these groups. Hopefully the other groups with which I am affiliated will become more aware of local entertainment events and talents. And, the Arts Council will benefit from more patronage at their sponsored events. In any community, the value and enrichment that the cultural arts bring is immeasurable. The chance to further enhance the cultural aspects of my community by serving on the board of the Arts Council (in any capacity) is a job to which I am looking forward.

Jay Gallimore

I have supported the Arts Council for a long time, but from afar with contributions and attending events. Now, I want to be a little more active and involved. Why? I have listed personal leanings towards the arts, but the more pragmatic evaluation is associated with the involvement of art and the arts in the fabric of community and the history and the identity and the pride of people, groups of like people, ethnicities, and nations! I have traveled to Italy, Russia, China, and other places and no matter where you go, each area is proud of many things associated with their locale, but folks always include, display, and celebrate their art, their painting, sculpture, dance, theater, and more. They are proud of the heritage of their past and proud of current artistic endeavors for the future. It is important! The Arts Council of Wilson strives to promote the arts of our community for education, for enjoyment, for personal improvement, and to keep the connecting thread alive that exists in the heart and soul of the human nature. Art is an essential part of us and our connection to each other. The Wilson Arts Council is a promoter for art in all of us, whether an artist or a lover of art or for even those not fully aware of art, that elevates the cultural standard of living for our community and for each citizen in our community. I want to be a part of that. It is important!