Wilson Renaissance Faire Food & Drink

Sunday Only

*To increase economic activity and vibrancy in Historic Downtown Wilson, City Council adopted an ordinance allowing the creation of a Downtown Social District. Social district beverages can be enjoyed each day from 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Some art attractions allow social district beverages into their establishments, but not all of them, be sure to check the door for a sticker to see if they allow social district beverages in.

*BILL’S GRILL ON NASH | 119 Nash Street W (Open Saturday 7 AM – 9 PM, Closed Sunday) Comfort food made with fresh homemade ingredients

*THE CARDINAL | 229 Goldsboro Street (Open Saturday and Sunday, 12 PM – 2 AM)
Full bar with gourmet hot dogs

CAROLINA CHEESE CO. | 109 Barnes Street W (Open Saturday 9 AM-2:30 PM, Sunday 10 AM – 2:30 PM) Tasty soups, sandwiches, salads, coffee beverages, frappes, smoothies, desserts, and boba!

*CASITA BREWING CO. | 217 South Street (Open Saturday 10 AM – 10 PM, Sunday 10 AM – 6 PM) Local beer with global appeal

THE CORNER DELI | 132 Goldsboro Street S
(Open Saturday and Sunday, 7 AM-7 PM)
Good folkin’ sandwiches

*DOWNTOWN PUBLIC HOUSE | 113 Goldsboro Street N (Open Saturday 2 PM-12 AM, Sunday 2-8 PM) Intimate cocktail lounge with craft beer, wine, live music, and vibrant patio

*THE HUB | 211 South Street (Open Saturday 11 AM-10 PM, Sunday 12-5 PM) Family friendly pizza place with arcade games

*THE PORCH AT ICONOSTAR | 224 Goldsboro Street SW (Open Saturday 12-11 PM, Sunday 12-6 PM) Unique experience with a vibrant bar, captivating art, and a fantastic outdoor patio!

*ICE & FUEL CO. | 117 Barnes Street W (Open Saturday 12 PM – 2 AM, Sunday 12-10 PM) Cocktail Bar

*LAREMA COFFEE HOUSE | 109 Tarboro Street (Open Saturday 7:30 AM-9 PM, Closed Sunday) Serving up craft coffee, tea, hot chocolate, beverages, house-made baked goods, breakfast, brunch, beer, wine, and much more to satisfy all of your cravings!

*RUCKUS & REDEMPTION | 220-C Barnes Street S (Open Saturday 11 AM – 10 PM, Sunday 10 AM-2 PM) Family friendly; expertly-crafted burgers and cocktails

SAYUM JAMAICAN RESTAURANT | 408 Nash Street S (Open Saturday 10:30 AM-9 PM, Sunday 11 AM-6PM) Real Jamaican food and hand-dipped ice cream

TREAT YO’ SELF BAKERY | 419 Goldsboro Street S (Open Saturday 8 AM-3 PM, Closed Sunday) Artisanal cakes, pastries, and desserts plus coffee and drinks

WHIRLIGIG POPCORN SHOPPE | 222 Tarboro Street (Open Saturday 11 AM-5 PM, Closed Sunday) Scrumptious and crispy gourmet popcorn. Easter gifts/popcorn flavors.

WHIRLIDOGS | 215 Goldsboro Street |
(Saturday and Sunday 11 AM – 2 PM)
A nonprofit downtown cafe offering hot dogs, ice cream, and opportunities for young adults with disabilities to get their first paid work experience.